In Search of Understanding​.​.​.

by Sombre Holiday

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In Search of Understanding...Part One: Four Words

44 minutes, 10 tracks
Eleventh Hour Entertainment Group, Inc.

Someone needs to say it, and it’s going to be me: Sombre Holiday is one of the overlooked gems in the Christian metal and hard rock scene.

Now, by “overlooked gem” I am thinking in terms of a band that possesses a great deal of musical ability but does not always get the credit and recognition that it deserves. And that would be the best way to describe Sombre Holiday, a two man project led by brothers Terry (guitars, vocals & keyboards) and Trevor Friesen (drums).

Specifically, Sombre Holiday brings a joining of metal and hard rock with some heavy progressive underpinnings. In its press material, as a matter of fact, the group describes itself as “sounding somewhat like Fates Warning, Saviour Machine, and Porcupine Tree (but with) inspirations by Metallica and Stryper showing through periodically”. I cannot help but agree, particularly the Saviour Machine comparison- at least a heavier and harder rocking version of the group. Deliverance also comes to mind. Some of the darker and lower key moments here hint at the Learn and Camelot In Smithereens era of Deliverance’s career but with a bit more of a progressive edge.

- Andrew Rockwell, Angelic Warlord


released June 23, 2009

Produced and Engineered by Sombre Holiday

Terry Friesen: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Trevor Friesen: Drums

Additional musician: Isaac Friesen (Violin)

Lyrics written by Trevor Friesen
Music written by Terry Friesen

In Search of Understanding... Part One: Four Words
Proverbs 1:24-33; 2:10-22; 3:5-20



all rights reserved


Sombre Holiday

"[P]owerfully moody soundscapes from this excellent group that successfully mines the thoughtful melancholy of bands like Katatonia, Porcupine Tree and Riverside but with their own unique spin including great use of violin and acoustic guitars to really add drama to their music." – ProgMetalZone

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Track Name: The Break of a New Beginning
Your flowing hair glides through the room,
Your eyes flutter with expectation,
Your lips search for words to say,
To keep the conversation moving, “Alive”

Your beating heart on the break of new beginning,
Your breath hot with feelings undiscovered,
Your soul searching for a reflection
In someone who looks just like you.

Deception keeps the breeze from breathing out
Our flickering matchflame story;
We discover nothing amid the parameters
And wisdom holds them in place.



You’re still here.
It’s not your fault.
You’ve done nothing wrong to be in my heart.
Track Name: Recognizable Mystery
It’s the situation.
It’s the lonely way I find meaning.
It’s the way the days end and I take
My thoughts and arrange their capture
Finding their flaws, lair by lair,
And make a mountain out of insecurities
And wonder why I’m not a conqueror for someone
And wonder maybe that I am.

Then I consider how ludicrous this is:
Me, wandering alone, inside the mirror—
Recognizable without the mystery.

Then I consider how ludicrous this is:
Me, wondering, alone, in front of the mirror—
Recognizable without the mystery.

Under covers I think of you
And I know that it’s not your fault.
You’ve done nothing wrong to be in my heart.
Track Name: Stories End
It’s funny, though, the end of the story,
Not the comedic fashion in which loose ends get tied,
But the part when I know already what happens.
Are we the crafters, the writers, the ones to paint the page?
For if we did not have this pen, our description would be left undiscovered.

I wake in the morning to find your heart beside me—
My memory feels the doors close.
The mirror flashes another glimpse of me
Before warm water covers my ears,
Drowning the world for wonderful moments.

During the frothing clamor I muse, remembering

That in the end,
The crest that is now here smashes words t o g e t h e r.
Track Name: N o w h e r e
“I’m left alone,
Gathering dust like an old remembrance.
I know you don’t believe me,
I know you don’t really mean to be
But if there’s nowhere to go but down,
I won’t climb the wall to the ground.”

Left here now
Like an old remembrance
A memory of fire

Left here now
Like a forgotten present
Soon to be the past
A memory of fire

Nowhere left
N o w h e r e
The Present.

Your reflection alters my own reflection.
You see me as I make it so.
I see you as you see me.
Track Name: Blinded Eyes
Hands out-stretched,
Seeking comfort from pain with blinded eyes.
My world was rapt in yours
When you dropped yourself into the sea.
The rocks upon the shoreline scrape my knees.
Seeking shelter from pain with blinded eyes.
Track Name: Still
Were you my reflection?
Are you needed to complete my image?
I see me as you see me.
I see me as you and

We are Still.
Track Name: Breath: New World
The world is new
The world is made alive by your breath
From the waters, over the seas.
Beauty is in you.
Love calls your name.
“Love!” cries your name.
The attraction of endless energy,
Periodic helplessness, the explorer,
The pathfinder, a seeker, a doer,
One who needs leading—
Someone, answer the questions now forming on your lips!
Someone, shout the cries of your heart:

Tear these walls between all and nothing!
Cast down these shrines of individuality!
Confinement keeps love from the human level.
All or nothing leaves
Even the all between two with nothing else.

All or nothing leaves nothing else.
I’ve spit against those walls.

Give me new bricks, new spit.
Track Name: Respit(e)
I thank God that I could see you tonight.
It’s been so long where we could speak aright of the world’s delight in casting our own down.
From them we meet in secret under the leaves, under the trees—
With words harder to come by than in our dreams—
But we speak once again—your innocence shines in the stream
Of consciousness descending upon the hill of forgotten dreams.
Your beauty will never fade. I’ll carry it forever.
Open Love. The secret is safe with me for
I’ll tell no one. I’ll not tell even you.
The capacities and boundaries to love are endless.
Track Name: Sun Fade
All the while the pot by the sill is still.
Dust gathers and its red orange becomes brown.
Faded by sunlight, cracked by storm.
Delicately petals open, silently faces spring, fragrantly air streams,
Bathed with heavenly beams and cooled by the moisture of my hand.

Desirous to be a sanctuary from the distortions you’ll meet
Your eyes so wide so curious.
As a protector, I repress you in my grip
As a leader, I take you off the path.
Track Name: Today Staying Away
You did a smart thing,
Staying away today.
Your beautiful eyes
My memorized lines
Are now more easily

My last memory of you
Will be when you said that
You hated goodbyes.
You looked deep into my eyes
And said you’d put them off until

You did a smart thing,
Staying away today.
Maybe your heart knew
The fragile balance it
Hung between,
That my hands were tied, and
That we’d both prefer to dream the dream
A little longer