Four Shadows

by Sombre Holiday

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In Search of Understanding... Part Two: Four Shadows
Proverbs 1:24; 3:18; 5:1-6; 7:6-27

52 minutes, 11 tracks
Eleventh Hour Entertainment Group, Inc.

#12 on Angelic Warlord's Top 15 of 2012...

"Yes, you will encounter your share of variety, but it works in that the Four Shadows material is so well constructed that it lends to a complementary “whole” that is greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, each song - regardless of differences in style - works well together while able to stand on its own at the same time. Hence, the key to the unique Sombre Holiday sound."
- Andrew Rockwell, Angelic Warlord


released February 21, 2012

Produced and Engineered by Sombre Holiday

Terry Friesen: All Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Trevor Friesen: Drums, percussion

Additional musician: Isaac Friesen (Violin)

All lyrics written by Trevor Friesen
All music written by Terry Friesen

Four Shadows is part two of a two-disc concept album.



all rights reserved


Sombre Holiday

"[P]owerfully moody soundscapes from this excellent group that successfully mines the thoughtful melancholy of bands like Katatonia, Porcupine Tree and Riverside but with their own unique spin including great use of violin and acoustic guitars to really add drama to their music." – ProgMetalZone

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Track Name: A Forgotten Memory
You are hear-in(’) my thoughts again.
I guess distant thunder carries over water.
Yet how did I know I loved you
If you never told me—the Sadness said:

Believe me, between you and me
Thoughts follow no leader
They range like the distant smoke
Of an eighteenth century fire…

In my memory
I know your face.
As dreams break the silence of the night,
I find that you’re still there
When I open my eyes

And when I wait here for you…
If I wait here…
You never answer…

I see you as you see me
The eyes of a stranger.
In the fragments of bloodstained glass.

The memory of distant lightning glare.
I close my eyes and you’re still there.

Believe me, between you and me…
A memory of fire
Track Name: Fall From Heaven
I can’t wait for this moment to last forever—
The dance beneath the trees.
But I see another fall,
Leaves: memories forgotten,
Waking between death and—

I see another fall.
Downcast, it silently faces spring.
I know this moment won’t last forever.
Barren trees look odd in the breeze.

I don’t want seasons in heaven.
I don’t want an end to spring.
Falling from heaven,
You leave these dreams
To be burned forever after eternity.

If it’s taken away anyway,
Am I to love what I have today?
And what does that leave tomorrow?
Do I look forward to transience with sorrow?
Track Name: Lies in Secret
(Piece VIII)

Come on out and see me again.
I’ll change my clothes so you’ll remember
Nothing much has changed.

It can be exactly the same,
If we wear the masks and conceal our temper.
Our tempter.

But your love lies
Somewhere just out of reach
Its hands seem holy
Its darkness is free
And the truth dies slowly
But dreams we’ll someday see

When true love lies bleeding,
Our love

Where secrets
Just out of reach
Track Name: Silent Chambers
Here in the dark the shadows are
Illuminating secrets of an illusive heart,
Staring down at a new found stranger
Discussing life in the masque of danger.

Saying what we want to say—
Saying what we’re thinking and all
Without thinking.

Reflecting upon the future
And the moments we’ve left,
And we’ve left,
Sorrow returns to make amends
Writing dark lines where the soul pretends,
Still wondering what we’ve left
Realizing there must be more

But what are we fighting for?

What are we fighting for?

Here in the dark the dreamers are
No stranger—
No stranger than the lives we’re living,
And the love we’re fighting for
Track Name: I Turn to You in Sorrow
I turn to you in sorrow,
As daylight passes my eyes, unconsciously smearing
The canvas in its rain.
I turn to you in sorrow,
And you’re always there, it seems,
A comfort from the world
Because I turned you into my dreams
I turn to you in sorrow.

I turn to you, in sorrow I will leave.
I can’t leave you alone,
On my own,
Because now you are my waking dream.
And I know you can’t leave me, alone…

Will you be here again tomorrow?

I turn to you in sorrow,
Maybe because I know
I shouldn’t.

Track Name: Silhouette
I saw you again last night.
I’ll relate what I remember:
The wind was rough as we
Ascended a steep and winding street
Full of old houses with faces
Peering from two(-)story windows.
You were dressed in read and black
And at the top of the street
I could see by your silhouette you were cold.
You turned and put your head on my shoulder.
For the first time.

But I don’t remember where they went,
Those faces on the street,
As we slowly turned toward the undulating sea,
To our left and paused;
In the shelter of the moment
You were
Holding me.
For the last time.

Our bodies were pressed warmly together
When something caused me to whisper,
Loud enough for you to hear—
An unguarded moment.

For the first time
I was able to bring myself
To say what I’d felt for you, and
Although it was ill-advised,
Innocence, beauty, repression
Forced this confession.

“What did you say?” you sadly said, although you knew.

For the last time
I didn’t hesitate.

We were on the ground, you were in my arms
My face against your cheek, your hair deep within my lungs.
As I whispered it again.
And again.
Track Name: The Sadness
The silence that follows
Thoughts with no leader
Sadness says

Following silently
A leader with no thoughts
I heard you say it:

(In the silence, the sadness said:)

“Believe me, true Love is between you and me…”
Track Name: A Figurative Revolution
You are the personification of everything good
I’m repelled by

You and
My reaction to your soul

The attraction of your soul unlike any other metaphor
Is to me like

Me and
My newness in metamorphosis

The pain of the revolution
Making me what I should be
Nothing remains in this evolution
But the counterfeit of me

I am the transmutation of everything I used to be
Leaving me

By the enlightenment inside
And finding no more lies

I say my goodbyes

It’s not your fault;
I shouldn’t have allowed you in my heart
Track Name: There Is Something More
This time we did it right,
Though it makes it no less painful.

I came only to see you—
I’d relive the moments again
If I could—

The doors open and close
Faces appear and reappear
And disappear—
But not yours.
Until now.
And now
My lungs become smaller
My thoughts become duller
And I don’t see you.
Only you.

There is something more
I wanted to say
Something much more
Than goodbye
Something much more

An embrace, a tear
Something much more.

Hearts break.
Doors close.
Track Name: The Heart Returns
She’s gone,
Like I knew she’d be.
Love—to give all you could need—
Lust—to steal all you can bleed—
Enslaving me:
Experiencing two extremes

You’re here,
(My Lady Wisdom)
Now, like you’ve always been.
Love, you’ve been faithful and I’ve always known.
Tears, now on your petals show -
Haunting me:
From experience to extremes

“My love, won’t you return to me!
Rebuild the walls between all and nothing!
Remain where innocence calls your name.”

I’m where
I’ll always need to be.
Love, in your arms eternally
Trust, you are the faithful one
Loving me Hating:
From experience too extreme

The heart returns